Jan 012015

It’s really pretty simple. I’m not suggesting that you become a full blown contrarian masquerading as a skeptic that thinks everything is bullshit (*looks around sheepishly*). Just stop accepting everything as fact without stopping to ask yourself “is this true?” What does this entail? Pause for five seconds before you click that share button. Ask yourself: “Are there really spiders under toilet seats?” “Can drinking water REALLY cure cancer?” “Are these all the facts?” “Is this person who claims to be looking out for my interest actually looking out for my interest, or their own?” “Might the purpose behind this story actually be to out suckers like me¬†who blindly share […]

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Jul 022014

Instead of forcing everyone to go read the initial post for anything that I forgot to put in there, I’ll just post a bunch of follow ups. The whole religious freedoms vs. reproductive rights isn’t really a thing like everyone thinks it is. This seems to be a pretty big rallying cry for a lot of people, but it’s really just that, a rallying cry. There are plenty of protections for, say, procreation. See, for example, forced sterilizations/eugenics. However, this decision is not a reproductive rights issue, it’s a “who pays for prescription drugs” issue. No one is “telling women when they can and cannot get pregnant.” It’s simply a […]

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Jul 012014

Another term, another batch of cases that get everyone’s panties in a goddamn bunch. And, as usual, a bunch of people want to comment on the opinion without actually reading it or doing the necessary legwork to have anything resembling a clue about what is actually going on. I’m going to briefly address what is actually said in Burwell (majority opinion only, because “briefly”). Everything will be paraphrased and based on a single reading of the opinion. So, if I make a mistake, let me know. If I don’t address a concern you have, comment, and I’ll see if I have the time. First, however, I highly recommend you go […]

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Dec 202013

Patent law is rife with use of the word “said” in places where “the” would be just as appropriate. While I’m not an expert at patent law or English, I do know that there’s very little reason to ever use “said” in place of “the” unless it’s customary or you want to be pretentious.1 However, after nearly a year and a half of working with patents, I have finally come across a scenario in which using “said” serves a purpose by increasing clarity (technically). So, if you want to use “said” instead of “the” in normal conversation, but can’t come up with an excuse when someone tells you you’re a […]

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Jun 262012

The Supreme Court happens to be in the process of getting the last of their opinions out before they go on a break. That means it’s time for me to hear every opinionated person say “Thank God they got that right!” or “OMG THEY TOTALLY GOT IT WRONG!” This period is also known as “Blake becomes a further recluse so he doesn’t yell at people in public time”. I’m not trying to highlight the people who go around saying the Supreme Court is wrong, it’s just that they are, in fact, much more empathic. But that does not increase or decrease the applicability of this blog to a person who […]

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Apr 172012

First, for anyone interested, I have rolled out a new nutrition-related site, PerformanceStack.com. If you go on there, you can view other people’s nutritional supplement stacks, create and share your own, and best of all: compare prices on different sites that carry your favorite supplements. It’s in beta form right now, and we’re working through some issues, but it should be halfway usable (or fully usable, but missing products and site links…both of which are mostly out of my control). You can check out the blog for more information. Please go on there, register, create your own performance stack, and rate/comment on products. Any help getting some activity going is […]

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