Feb 172016

I recently came across a quote attributed to Jon Stewart. Essentially, the quote said that it’s not mutually exclusive to support law enforcement officers and hold them to a high standard. This is similar to a principle that I find very compelling; namely, applying the same standard to people you support as you apply to people you don’t support. I think most people would agree to this in principle, but most would fail to actually adhere to it. In other words, this principle becomes very, very attenuated in reality, thanks to a well established subjective bias. Perhaps the most obvious manifestation of this comes about from political ideology. Find me […]

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Aug 122013

View the introduction/table of contents for this series of posts here. Ingredient-Composition Error In this first post, we’ll be introduced to the article that contains the first set of examples that I’ll pull from. It is┬áMio Water Flavoring: Another Ploy to Sicken America. Let’s ignore the title of the article itself, which I can use as fodder for another article on Occam’s Razor. No telling when that will happen, so you have plenty of time to ponder the topic. Go ahead and take a moment to read the article. It’s a useful example to start with because it’s fairly short, but provides a great source for some of the most […]

Aug 102013

Table of Contents Introduction Common Reasoning Errors #1: Ingredient-Composition Error Introduction I tend to be quite opinionated, love to argue, and have an insatiable urge to rid the world of bullshit. The end result of all of this that I tend to argue a lot on the Internet. However, I’ve started trying to avoid that, because it ends up being time consuming and not entirely satisfying because of the amazing amount of willpower that most people have when it comes to being, and remaining, wrong. As much as I avoid putting myself in such situations, it still happens regularly, thanks to the very nature of the Internet. One thing I […]