Feb 172016

I recently came across a quote attributed to Jon Stewart. Essentially, the quote said that it’s not mutually exclusive to support law enforcement officers and hold them to a high standard. This is similar to a principle that I find very compelling; namely, applying the same standard to people you support as you apply to people you don’t support. I think most people would agree to this in principle, but most would fail to actually adhere to it. In other words, this principle becomes very, very attenuated in reality, thanks to a well established subjective bias. Perhaps the most obvious manifestation of this comes about from political ideology. Find me […]

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Sep 162015

I’m pretty interested in healthcare reform because it’s a hard problem and, being someone who likes to solve problems, I’m drawn to hard problems. It’s also such a damned divisive issue that it seems like it should be pretty easy to come up with a solution that’s better than what most politicians believe should be done. Some things to note before we get started. First, this is a really complex issue. If anyone came up with an optimal solution, it would be purely by luck. Anyone who claims they have the solution or confidently claims that their solution is better than another is full of shit. In other words, be wary […]

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Mar 232012

If, by chance, you have not heard of this clusterfuck yet, Google it and read some. I’m not going to rehash the details (except as necessary to illustrate my point), since they’ve been discussed everywhere else, and they’re not particularly relevant to the issue. I’m not going to state an opinion on whether there have been violations of his civil rights or not (and if you make it to the end of this post, it should be obvious why), but I am simply going to use some of the events surrounding this incident to illustrate a point. So, in fact, it’s worth noting that I have not done a significant amount […]

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