Dec 182011

Weight was 198 this morning. It’s been a rough few days, diet-wise, which included eating a large box of homemade cookies, and a full day of cheating yesterday. If I’m good this week, I expect that to spur the fat loss. But this week may be really, really difficult to diet during, so we’ll see. I’ve made enough progress that I don’t mind quitting a few days early and doing another three or four week run at it after the holidays. HBS 155 (-10) – 5, 5, 5 Knee has been acting up. Not sure if it’s the diet not facilitating recovery, the cold weather, the snatches, or a combination […]

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Dec 152011

Weighed in at 196 or so this morning. Scale BF measurement said 17%. Still trying to figure out water weight fluctuations. HBS 165 (+5) – 3×5 – 5, 5, 5 Went ahead and switched the order with OHP so these take precedence. Hopefully they’ll spur some more fat loss. Overhead Press 145 – 1×5 – 5 Going to see if I can get some progress out of single sets of fives. Chins BW – 10, 8, 8 I probably could have gotten more on the first set, but the bar (squat rack) was in the way and my grip was screwy. Power Snatches 95 x 5, 105 x 4, 115 […]

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Dec 132011

Weight was 196. Pants are starting to not fit, which kinda sucks. I think I have some sub-abdominal fat (I can’t remember what the specific name is) that is going away. Definite progress though. Overhead Press 115 – 1×5 – 5 Light day so I can make sure I’m fully recovered for Thursday (due to the fact that I was regressing on Sunday). HBS 160 (+5) – 3×5 – 5, 5, 5 Forgot my knee sleeves, and my knee seemed a little angry, so I only bumped it up five pounds this time. Dips Bodyweight – 10, 8, 5 Small improvement, but not expecting a whole lot out of these.

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Dec 112011

Weight was 197.5 or thereabouts. Had a burger and onion rings and some fries and a malt and Big Red (made with cane sugar) last night for my cheat meal. I hate normal sodas, but the Big Red was absolutely amazing. May have another cheat meal tonight. I’m out of food at home and have a final tomorrow at 9 AM. Overhead Press 145 (+0) – 3×5 – 4, 5, 3 I missed the rep on the first set because the bar was resting on a nerve in my palm. I almost never have a problem like this on press, but almost always on dips. I kept trying to reposition […]

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Dec 082011

Still weighed in at 199 lbs. today. I’m not particularly concerned because I am still noticing differences in appearance (minor, but anything that’s actually visible isn’t insubstantial, as long as it’s not all in your head…which it might be). There could be a couple of reasons, the most obvious being water retention, either because I’m not drinking enough (very possible, I was going through a Monster Zero obsessed phase), or related to increasing my squat weight and more dips. As I said, it’s not a concern, and won’t be unless I’m still sitting at the same weight with no visible changes early next week. I may drop the carb up […]

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Dec 062011

Today was the RFL carb up day. I kicked myself for forgetting about Egg Beaters, and ran to the store to get some. I also picked up some sweet potatoes to eat with my pseudo-eggs, and got some of the Uncle Ben’s instant rice in a pouch. Ended up eating that with two small cans of tuna after my workout. Still way behind for the day, will have to eat more before bed. Weight was 199, back down from a jump to 201 or so on Sunday (probably cheat meal related). Overhead Press 145 (+5) – 3×5 – 5, 5, 4 I was a little distracted which kills me on […]

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Dec 062011
Training History

This will serve as a hopefully semi-brief summary of my training history to put all future posts in context. I started working out about seven or eight months after graduating college, at the beginning of 2007. I was sitting at 185 lbs. or so and pretty skinny fat. I dicked around in the gym doing normal stuff that you see people who don’t know what they’re doing doing for eight months or so, ran a little bit, started watching what I ate. I was then introduced to Starting Strength via second hand information. I just knew the basics, didn’t have anyone to really coach me, didn’t realize how important the diet […]

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