Dec 062011
Training History

This will serve as a hopefully semi-brief summary of my training history to put all future posts in context. I started working out about seven or eight months after graduating college, at the beginning of 2007. I was sitting at 185 lbs. or so and pretty skinny fat. I dicked around in the gym doing normal stuff that you see people who don’t know what they’re doing doing for eight months or so, ran a little bit, started watching what I ate. I was then introduced to Starting Strength via second hand information. I just knew the basics, didn’t have anyone to really coach me, didn’t realize how important the diet […]

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Dec 012011

I’ve been working out pretty regularly since the beginning of 2007, and stopped doing stupid crap in the gym in August of that year. Since then I’ve gotten a lot bigger. It’s hard to gauge how much fat I’ve put on, comparing my peak weight with my starting weight, but I think I managed to end up with about the same body fat percentage, just forty pounds or so heavier (I managed to go from ~185 lbs. being mostly sedentary to a peak of about 225 lbs.). The entire time I had underestimated my body fat percentage, which is not unusual. A while back I let my hubris get in […]

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