Jan 132012

Took nearly a three week break for the holidays so that I could get moved and get settled in for the next two months of studying. No idea what my weight is right now. I’ve done a pretty good job of not gorging myself (but I have been eating like shit). Fairly certain I’m about the same weight I was before Christmas, but not sure…and it doesn’t really matter.

Got a free seven day pass to a nearby 24 Hour Fitness. Was not nearly as bad as I had expected…but they only have one squat rack that is suitable for full squats (the other has fixed safety bars that are just a bit too high). Considering how busy it gets there, this would be the death of me. Oh, and hexagonal plates. Metroflex it will be, starting next week. (Probably would have been anyways.)


135×5, 145×5, 155×5

This was just to see where I was after the break and ease back into it. I was surprised I didn’t really lose anything on this, but then again, it was never really strength that held be back.


125×5, 135×5

Same thing with this. I probably should have stopped with 125, considering I know how quickly I lose strength on press.

Skipped doing anything else.

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