Dec 232011

198 again, but it’s okay, because the next day I weighed in at 196. And I’ve been eating carbs, so doesn’t bother me. I’m pretty much done with the diet for a few weeks. Couldn’t keep it together this week, for reasons like finishing my paper and packing and moving (all in a four or five day span). I wasn’t going to go at all (little sleep, and spent the rest of the time finishing my paper, so I was unmotivated) but then my girlfriend told me she was going, so I figured I’d go. But I was told that at 8:05 PM, and the gym closed at 9 PM. What I ended up doing was speed up my warmups, which is something I’m working on. I’m typically pretty lazy and dick around between warmup sets, so I’m working on doing the next one almost immediately after I change the weight. But for this workout, since the warmup sets were about the same weight for both squats and press, I warmed up both at the same time: squat warmup set -> press warmup set -> change weight -> repeat. Worked out very well.


155 (+0) – 3×5 – 5, 5, 5


147.5 (-2.5) – 1×5 – 5, 5, 5

Brought my microplates, so went ahead and did what I should have done last time. Next time will retry 150.


Skipped due to time constraints.

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