Dec 182011

Weight was 198 this morning. It’s been a rough few days, diet-wise, which included eating a large box of homemade cookies, and a full day of cheating yesterday. If I’m good this week, I expect that to spur the fat loss. But this week may be really, really difficult to diet during, so we’ll see. I’ve made enough progress that I don’t mind quitting a few days early and doing another three or four week run at it after the holidays.


155 (-10) – 5, 5, 5

Knee has been acting up. Not sure if it’s the diet not facilitating recovery, the cold weather, the snatches, or a combination of all of the above. But regardless, I dropped the weight down to see if it would help.

Overhead Press

150 (+5) – 4

I wanted to bump it to 147.5, but forgot my microplates, so I went ahead and tried 150. Lost focus and missed the last one, but probably could have gotten it had I not gotten distracted.













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