Dec 112011

Weight was 197.5 or thereabouts. Had a burger and onion rings and some fries and a malt and Big Red (made with cane sugar) last night for my cheat meal. I hate normal sodas, but the Big Red was absolutely amazing. May have another cheat meal tonight. I’m out of food at home and have a final tomorrow at 9 AM.

Overhead Press

145 (+0) – 3×5 – 4, 5, 3

I missed the rep on the first set because the bar was resting on a nerve in my palm. I almost never have a problem like this on press, but almost always on dips. I kept trying to reposition the bar and just made it worse, so had to kill the set. Third set I just couldn’t get it. Time to drop to a single set of five.

High Bar Squat

155 (+0) – 3×5 – 5, 5, 5

Knee felt fine so I upped the weight a bit. Playing with my stance and getting the feel for high bar squats. Wore my Do-Wins tonight, and liked how they felt with HBS. I have an annoying back issue that will need to be taken care of over multiple visits to the chiro. I have to be extra careful to not overextend my lumbar or I get some pretty annoying lower back pain. Had to work on trying to keep the glutes and hams tight while maintaining a neutral back, which is tough for me, but I seemed to get it.

Chin ups

Skipped ’em.


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