Dec 062011

Today was the RFL carb up day. I kicked myself for forgetting about Egg Beaters, and ran to the store to get some. I also picked up some sweet potatoes to eat with my pseudo-eggs, and got some of the Uncle Ben’s instant rice in a pouch. Ended up eating that with two small cans of tuna after my workout. Still way behind for the day, will have to eat more before bed.

Weight was 199, back down from a jump to 201 or so on Sunday (probably cheat meal related).

Overhead Press

145 (+5) – 3×5 – 5, 5, 4

I was a little distracted which kills me on these. But I will repeat since I am on the diet. Also, see note at the bottom about OHP.

High Bar Squat

145 (+10) – 3×5 – 5, 5, 5

These feel pretty good to me as long as I stay tight. It’s light weight, but I enjoy them, seem more natural. No subsequent knee flare ups.


BW – 3 x Failure – 10, 8, 4

I started doing these again because of lock out issues on OHP. I started a month ago, and got three sets of five without pushing too hard. Got a little better the next week, then forgot about them two weeks in a row. Killed them today (comparatively). Only doing them on the second work out per week. (Su/Tu/Th)

Note on OHP:

I stopped doing these because my shoulder was acting up. Still not sure why, but I’m guessing it was bench press. Started these back up after a couple of months and sure enough, after easing into it, my shoulder is much better. Magic! A few weeks back I reset to try some form changes, namely widening my grip, which has always been pretty narrow. I don’t know if I just didn’t reset enough or what, but it started destroying my anterior delts. Might just be overuse caused by my own mistake of not resetting, but decided to go back to narrow grip for now…it got me to nearly a body weight press before, anyways. Before my reset, I was repping 155 lbs., which is the only reason I am doing these three days a week right now (since I’m working back up). That will change soon enough.

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